Our intuition is an intellect, a power & an energy, that uses our whole body and its senses as its muscle, mind, and voice. Intuition is not just for the special or the few.
The fact is we all are intuitive, each and every one of us, and the secret to understanding it comes from learning what it means to you.
By connecting with it (intuition), speaking to it, nurturing and developing your relationship with it, just as you would with your beloved friend, it will become your greatest strength, come rain or shine.
Our intuition can, more often than not, feel like something that remains dormant, until something painful or shocking crosses our own path, and our ability to understand its power and decipher its language, increases exponentially, almost out of nowhere in that moment.
We become somewhat superhuman, empowered, and elated, as it holds us with love, in its grip, while we power through the surrounding crisis.

Now this may sound dramatic, but yes! intuition tends to come to full force in the middle of a crisis. That’s most likely when and how you will first remember hearing or feeling it at its feistiest – when something just doesn’t feel right.
It sings louder the closer to the edge, you are getting it because that’s when it needs your attention urgently!
‘Step away from that decision, that is bad news right there,’ and it’s right, of course.
Then, like a loyal dog it seems to settle back sleepily by your side. You might even think that it’s just vanished back into the thin air, that you thought it came from until you are in need of it, again, and, guess what, there it will be.
But also like our loyal fluffy companions, the more effort and attention you apply to training and loving it, the stronger it will become, and not just at guarding you in the bad times when you are at the edge’, but also guiding you with the same level of love & respect, that you have shown it, through every day of your life.
It’s a super-computer that patiently waits for you to learn how to read, listen, and then respond to it, and, much as our body abs needs a good old gym session, in order to get stronger, we must train our intuitive muscles!! Quiet interesting?!!
When there is so much going on in our modern lives, how do we figure out what feels right, from what feels wrong? How do we learn to trust our intuition and become more in tune with who we really are and what we really need? Learning to work with your intuition can help you heal your past, make peace with your present, and create your future with great optimism.
Intuition is perception via the subconscious that brings forth ideas, images, new possibilities, new opportunities, and ways out of any blocked situation.

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