Shivavadhoot Badhanivarak Dhoop for Purification of Vaastu with Pure Herbs

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– Purifies home and aura.
– Increases oxygen levels in the house.
– Made entirely from fresh, pure herbs.
– No preservatives or harmful binding materials added.
– Fumes do not affect eyes or breathing.
– Special Ayurvedic Herbs used for eradicating negative vibrations and evil eye effects.
– Ingredients help in improving focus on ongoing tasks.
– Ideal for study rooms, household shrines (Deoghar), or any room where enhanced focus is desired.
– Regular burning promotes progress in tasks.
– Extremely beneficial for those who practice sadhana or meditation.
– Ashes of the dhoop act as negativity removal powder and can be used while cleaning the floor.
– Particularly beneficial for professionals like Doctors, Healers, Counselors, Health Spa Employees, Jyotish & Vastu Consultants, Tarot Readers.
– Suitable for places like Spiritual Centers, Healing Centers, Training Centers, Gurukul, Gym, etc.
– Shivavadhoot Dhoop acts as a Karmic Cleanser.


शिवावधूत वनौषधी धूपाचे उत्तम उपयोग:
🌀 घरातील वायुमंडल सर्वार्थांने शुद्ध करतो.

🌀 घरातील प्राणवायुची पातळी वाढवतो.

🌀 पूर्णतः नैसर्गिक हिरव्या वनौषधींपासून, हा धूप बनवलेला आहे. हा पूर्ण विशुद्ध असून, कोणतेही प्रिझर्वेटीव्ह आणि अवांतर बाईंडिंग मटेरियल यात नाहीय.

🌀 या धूपाच्या धुराचा कोणताही त्रास होत नाही. डोळे चुरचुरत नाहीत. श्वासाला कसलाही त्रास होत नाही.

🌀 घरातील बाधा व तत्सम सर्व नकारात्मक स्पंदने दूर करतो, नष्ट करतो. यात अनेक खास बाधानिवारक वनौषधी वापरल्या आहेत.

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Our Shivavadhoot Dhoop sticks are more than just incense – they are a source of purity and positive energy for your home. Made entirely from fresh, pure herbs, these dhoop sticks serve as a natural and preservative-free option. The fumes released during burning have been carefully crafted to not affect your eyes or breathing, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience. Infused with special Ayurvedic Herbs, these dhoop sticks work actively to eliminate negative vibrations and the effects of the evil eye within your living space. The unique blend of ingredients not only purifies the aura but also aids in enhancing focus on your ongoing tasks.

Whether you place them in your study room, household shrine (Deoghar), or any other space where concentration is essential, these dhoop sticks create an environment conducive to progress. They are particularly valuable for individuals practicing sadhana or meditation, offering a serene and focused atmosphere. Additionally, the ashes produced by burning the dhoop act as an effective negativity removal powder, doubling their usefulness during floor cleaning.

Professionals such as Doctors, Healers, Counselors, Health Spa Employees, Jyotish & Vastu Consultants, and Tarot Readers will find these dhoop sticks beneficial for their workspaces. Moreover, these dhoop sticks are well-suited for spiritual centers, healing centers, training centers, gurukuls, gyms, and various other places. Embrace the Shivavadhoot Dhoop as a Karmic Cleanser, and invite positivity and clarity into your surroundings.

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