People you love are Manipulating you in these 5 ways

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

People are always manipulating each other in either harmless or harmful way. This story explains how to recognize that you're being manipulated by anyone around you, whether they're your loved ones or acquaintances.

Limited choices

You are presented with multiple choices but the manipulator makes you feel like it's already been decided and you have no other option to choose the one manipulator had decided for you.

Being Push Over

You fear retaliation and conflicts and ultimately give in to the path of least resistance which might be considered as being push over

Dismissal of Honest Reactions

Any natural reaction you express are considered as negative and are dismissed through avoidance or by telling you that you are being moody/emotional.

Deceiving Relationship

A manipulator especially the one you are closest with, will behave charmingly and friendly as long as you are doing what they want.

Misjudging Your Opinions

Manipulators love to twist your words or opinions into something out of context, that's completely opposite to what your conveying.