These 5 Habits Are Damaging Your Brain Daily

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

We all are guilty of having one of these habits. Practicing such habits for longer periods of time is extremely damaging to our cognitive development as well as brain functioning.

Poor Sleep Schedule

Your brain needs rest more than your body, to function properly during the day. Getting little or no sleep for longer periods is lethal to your brain's health.

Staying Immobile

Even though your job requires to stick to your desk for hours, you should get up and move your body every 1 or 2 hours. This will help regulate blood circulation to your brain more efficiently.

Excessive Screen Time

Staring at a screen for hours and hours is damaging to your eyes and your brain. Ophthalmologist suggests to take a break from screen exposure and stare at an object for a few minutes, that is far from you to relax the nerves connecting your eyes.

Social Isolation

Isolating yourself from social situations on a daily basis is dangerous for your cognitive health. Engaging with people around you once a day helps stabilize your mental health significantly

Negativity Consumption

Intentionally consuming negative news on social media is harmful for your mental health and your brain. People who are working in such industry, should schedule appointments with their therapists weekly or practice some neutralizing remedies for their disturbed mental state