Useful Tips to Maintain Healthy Feet in Every Season

1. Check your feet regularly and notice if they look different in color, texture, or appearance.

2. Keep your feet clean and dry, especially between the toes.

3. Moisturize your skin regularly, especially if you wear open shoes or in hot, dry weather, to avoid cracks and dryness.

4. When buying shoes, get the right size and choose the ones that feel most comfortable.

5. Don't ignore foot pain. If it doesn't get better, see a podiatrist (foot doctor).

6. Trim your toenails straight across and avoid cutting into the corners to prevent ingrown toenails. Use an emery board to smooth any sharp edges.

7. Give your shoes a break and alternate between pairs to let them dry out fully.

8. Exercise, like walking, is good for your feet. Wear proper athletic shoes while exercising.

9. Avoid walking barefoot outside to protect your feet from injuries and infections.

10. Apply sunblock to your feet when wearing sandals outdoors to avoid getting sunburned.